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Some recent contemporary landscape paintings, monotypes and monoprints, inspired by the 2019 bushfires in the beautiful Wallum country of Noosa National Park. All of the prints are "unique state" prints made as a on-off, and are on watercolour or etching paper, incorporating techniques such as woodcut, stencils, drawing and painting, with watercolour, ink, etching ink, pastel and oil sticks. Hot off the press and available .

Lakeland-Emu Mountain and waterholes wit

Title-Noosa Wallum Country Cascading Light and Spores-Watercolour ink and pastel on Fabriano watercolour paper-Lakeland

Blackened-Lakeland-Monotype tryptych
Wallum and Emu Mountain, with Fire-Noosa

Title: Noosa Wallum and Emu Mountain Under Fire- Watercolour and ink, with oilstick.-Lakeland

Recovery- Tryptych-Lakeland-Monotypes-ea

Title; Blackened- a monotype tryptych on Arches paper,each piece 21cm x 21cm.-Lakeland

Tanglewood Track -Lakeland-Watercolour,Inks,Oil sticks, graphite- Monotype-56cm x

Title; Tanglewood Track Noosa-Lakeland-a large monoprint on Arches watercolour paper, size 56cm x 38cm.

Title; Recovery Wallum- Lakeland- a monotype tryptych each print 21cm x 21cm.


Title; Reflections- Lakeland- Monotypes each 21cm x 21cm

Pulling a first print-Lakeland
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