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Some recent works inspired by the beautiful Wallum country of Noosa National Park, and my rainforest garden. All prints are "unique state" hand -made prints (made as a one-off) of various printmaking techniques such as woodcut, etching, stencils, drawing and painting, with watercolour, ink, etching ink, pastel and oil sticks. 

Garden in Winter-oil monotype with colla

The Garden in Summer - Oil Monotype with collage

In The Forest-Lakeland_Mixed media_edite

In The Forest-Collograph and Inks on Fabriano paper

After Summer Emu Mountain-Oil monotype, charcoal

Nephele's Mist - Collagraph, inks, graphite, collage

Cthonic Mysteries of Emu Mountain_edited.jpg

The Cthonic Mysteries of Emu Mountain- watercolour and collage with crayon and graphite

Resonance- Watercolour, ink, charcoal from the summer bushfires

Reciprocity- Collograph, inks, graphite, collage

The Garden Spring- Oil monotype with collage

The Garden - Autumn_Ink,crayon,graphite

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