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About the artist 

Lakeland AKA Wendy McGrath is an Australian landscape artist- a painter, printmaker, photographer, installation artist and arts educator, living in the Noosa Hinterland of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

Lakeland’s works are poignant, poetic and beautiful….the beauty of the making, the carefully considered choice of natural materials, where and when Lakeland chooses to install and document the work….all come from a familiarity with the physicality of the site.

(Christine James, a Canberra based painter, arts educator and writer.)

Best known for public sculpture installations and prints, paintings and drawings of landscapes informed by history and the embedded energy of places, with works that celebrate and resonate with an intimate engagement with the Australian landscape from desert regions to the verdant coastal rainforests of the Noosa Hinterland.

Residencies and art projects provide opportunities for site- specific sculptural installation works: Ten Days on The Island, Floating Land, Sculpture by The Sea, and Treeline, for creating ephemeral works that are photographed and exhibited. Residencies from Bundanon to working in remote communities have been an important link to cultures and landscapes that energise towards creating new work.

Recent art projects include working with the University of Tasmania as an artist on the Kerry Lodge Archaeology and Art Project, with two exhibitions and a site-specific installation work for Ten Days on The Island, Tasmania.

Lakeland works from a studio on a property amid a rainforest in the Noosa hinterland, currently making series of works about the landscape, one that is so familiar and complex with over 800 rainforest species and abundant native fauna on the property.

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